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My artistic background came through my heredity.  Both sides of my family have roots in the arts, from the barbershop my grandfather worked in to my cousin’s sign shop.  My ancestors have contributed to the arts in Europe.  There is a sculpture in the Louvre that one of my relatives created and another in the Pope’s summer home in Italy from a sculptor on the other side of my family.  All in all, I guess art is in my blood.

I started to draw in school and enjoyed sculpting too.  As I matured, I put art aside and became a hairdresser.  I got my first camera in 1976 and caroused New York City looking for the perfect photo that would make me famous and get me a job with a newspaper or national geographic.  A few years later, painting called to me again, mostly because I was spending a lot of time in Greenwich Village in New York City.  The arts inspired me and, although I didn’t know where it would take me, i started to paint.  I enjoyed watercolors and acrylic but I didn’t have the confidence to continue.  Sadly, I dropped the brushes and stopped painting once more.

In the early 90’s I found computers and started to design office layouts and brochures at my job.  I was great with computers and thought it was my niche, however that old hankering to use my hands was still there and in the mid-90’s I returned to college and obtained an honors degree in commercial art.  It was there that I realized that my drawing and my creative ability were real, although I still lacked confidence.  I remember my art director coming into our illustration class and exclaiming that we would never use illustration in our commercial careers because everything was going digital.  I found that drawing was my passion and I excelled in it.  The idea that I would not be able to make a living drawing was very disheartening but, being a novice, I believed what I was told.

It has been years since then.  I have designed jewelry for the recording industry, dabbled in interior design and continued photographing.  Most of my photography and art has been simply for self-enrichment, however, my dream has always been to make it my living. 

This website is meant as an introduction...for me to show you my most personal journey into my creative side.  If you like any of my work, please let me know.  It keeps me going and allows me to see that my dream may someday come true!


welcome to my world...

i love life.  i see it in the vivid colors and textures of realism.  today, my paintings and photography reflect this...but who knows what tomorrow will bring!